In just a few months we have gone from a barren veggie garden.

To this colourful lush veggie garden

The fairies certainly wove their magic.

She's all smiles now after the tooth fairy came during the night,
however it wasn't like that before bed.

Last night at a local Christmas carols where her big sister was singing in the school choir, Miss Ava was off skipping and dancing with her friends having a lovely time. Later when she came up to me I noticed that the last thread that her tooth was hanging from had finally broken but poor little Ava had no idea when or where it went.

Her happy face changed in an instant to one of distress, her tooth was gone and how would the tooth fairy know.

On the way home I thought maybe I could pretend that I had found it and substitute one of Sarah's teeth but decided to write a letter to the fairy instead telling her where it was lost. Amazingly the fairy wrote back in teeny tiny writing that she did find it and a gold coin was left in the glass. Thank goodness we had smiles and all is well again in the world. Phew!

Happy this morning in their new dresses mummy had made.

Garden magic


Allana said…
Wow ! Your garden looks amazing!
I'm so glad the tooth fairy was able to appreciate Ava's predicament, how lovely ;)The girls dresses look gorgeous Alison, that last photo is such a sweet childhood moment :)
Your veggie garden is looking great. Glad the tooth fairy was kind!
chrisartist said…
Great garden and a lovely tooth fairy story.
Have a nice weekend
Tanya said…
I love reading your posts Allison but this one made me smile especially. We forget in the mundane how special losing those teeth are. Such a rite of passage. The garden also has come to glorious-ness (is that a word, I think not but it fits) and the little dresses wrenched a long forgotten memory from the back of my head and could even remember the feel of the fabric and the new smell of the stiffish new material when my mother made me dresses like that.
simmone said…
Poor little Ava,(we had a tooth disappear down the sink after trying to wash off the blood)Your vege garden is looking fabulous and lush and I love your dressmaking,very cute.

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