Saturday, December 10, 2011

Vintage Finds

This morning I awoke early and said to my man I'm not going to any garage sales today.

A few hours later at around 8.30am I announced I'll just do a few, to which he just laughed. I just couldn't help myself and I'm so glad I went, as look at my treasures.

These three items were all in one box covered with grime $10.00 for the box.
After a little spruce up, don't they look lovely and they are all green.
I especially love the meat grinder as I haven't seen one like it before.
It's a Harper 1500 made in England, it is in good working order,
has two attachments and came with the original instructions.

I will make a display of these in my kitchen once I get a shelf.
Hopefully I won't be left waiting too long.

I think these old scissors I found for $10.00
will look interesting displayed on a wall where I sew.


Allana said...

Hehe, made me giggle, I have had many "i'm not going to go Op shopping anymore" moments that ended the same way ;)Awesome finds, those greens are stunning, and the scissors will make a fabulous display! We have plans to make a glass topped coffee table/display box one day for displaying such treasures on a rotating basis.
I know we talked about address exchanges, are you ready to do it before Chrsitmas? :) x

Claire said...

Hey Alison, I'm just curious as to what time you actually woke up. You must be an early bird if a 'few hours later' it's only 8.30am!!
As they say the early bird catches the worm and you certainly found some, treasures today. Never seen a coloured meat grinder and I love the scales.
The old brush and shovel is just like the one we had when I was a kid. They last a long time the metal todays plastic jobs.

I'm having my first giveaway, it you're interested you just need to pop over and leave a comment.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

Claire :}

trudi@maudeandme said...

You always find great things! Scales are fab.

kit and nancy. said...

what a beautiful collection of green beauties! i bet you're glad you went now. i was close to not going opshopping this morning but found two treats that i would even call the best finds of the year! x

Bungalowgirl said...

Oh I have old scales love too, those greens are wonderful. I have three sets- red, cream and green in my kitchen and so love them. Looking forward to seeing them showcased. melx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Wowser! CAnt wait to see them all on display.

simmone said...


karlyn Jackson said...

I love the middle scales, all gorgeous shades of green. They will look great on display.

the textured leaf said...

Oh Alison! those greens are stunning.
I didnt know it was a meat grinder til you said. its definitely an unusual one. I grew up using one with my mum. It was always a huge part of our time in the kitchen and I have to admit the subject of many fights over who got to turn it.
I hope you use it too but perhaps do a roster first!


Lucie said...

I love these kitchen scales! :)