Garage Sale

Today we had a garage sale, which we shared with another family.

Here's why I'm a little tired now.

There was all the sorting out of boxes and hanging up of clothes in the lead up days.

Woke at 5.30am.

I made muffins this morning for the kids to sell to hungry customers, but I was a little distracted and they failed terribly. I had put them into the tins then happened to lick a bit from the bowl and realised I'd forgotten the sugar. I tipped it back into the bowl added the sugar (not a good start). Then thinking they were cooked through I pulled them out of the oven only to watch them sink like pancakes. Most annoying.

We started at 9am, and from then on it was fairly constant till pack up at 1pm, then the clean up, with most things being donated to op shop.

Best things about garage sales.

Meeting neighbours - most lived close by but we've never met before.
Friends dropping in for a scrounge.
Our kids got to have their own stall and keep the proceeds. Great learning experience.
Having a bottle of bubbly at 11.00am. Very wicked! he..he..he..
Great clean out. Now room for more of my finds. Ssshh! Don't tell my man.
Lots of laughter.
Pocket money.


I had a cooking disaster with bread this week. Forgot the yeast. NOT good!
Allana said…
Oh wow, I would have loved to visit that! Sounds like a successful sale :)
chrisartist said…
I so need to have a garage sale!!
Yours sounds like fun. Great for your kids.
You make it sound like fun not work, Alison.
I dont enjoy holding garage sales one bit by myself, but when you mention having one with friends it totally changes the focus.
Good for you making room!

I wonder what youll post next, now that you feel lighter?

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