Vintage Finds

Only found one garage sale today, but it was a big one. Had the munchkins with me and they are becoming very good little bargain hunters, rummaging through boxes for exciting finds. A chip of the old block.

I really like this tray of Sydney for $2.00, I think it would be from the 70's.

In a bag of stuff, I found this box of stockings for $3.00, which has never been opened and they have the seams down the back of the leg. I'm guessing from the 50's.

This candelabra is from Italy and will adorn our table when we feel like going a bit posh.
I think Sunday breaky could be fun.


Kate said…
They are great finds! The candleabra is brilliant. I love it when the littles start being great treasure hunters too. Its so much more fun.
mylittlebirdie said…
love your tray very cool but that candelabra is simply stunning and from italy oh i swoon i agree sunday breakfast is the perfect time to get it out and brunch, lunch and dinner ; )
Bounty Huntress said…
Oooh, la, laaa! Fancy breaky! How fun. Love that tray too. And are YOU wearing those stockings? :) Hot mama!
Nick said…
I love those trays kitsch. And the stockings, tres chic!
hello sydney! love the tray, and the vintage vista!
Cherie said…
OOooo WOW gorgeous treasures! Hope you have a wonderful week.xo
BOB & MABEL said…
Cool tray and the candelabra is fabulous!

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