Vintage Fashion Finds

Out and about yesterday, I found some great vintage clothes at a couple of garage sales. I very rarely buy anything new. Some I will upcycle, some I wear as is, some just need a little repair.The best thing is they haven't cost me a fortune, as most were purchased between $2 and $10.

This has a 1940's look to it and cost $2.00.

The perfect hostess, a $2.00 purchase.

This is not vintage, however I love the colours. It seems to be handmade from teatowels and was also $2.00.

Sweet little vest from Holland for $5.00, I'm wearing it today.

Another $2.00 purchase.

This is my favourite buy, a 1950's original for $10. It needs to be repaired, the skirt seams and hem are all undone, but it is so pretty.


Kate said…
They are all such great finds but your favourite is my favourite too. I love it.
love these... especially those dresses! gorgeous :)
I love the stripey dress and the fifties dress is gorgeous. A skirt made out of tea there's a thing...
inuk said…
Wow Great finds! For almost a year I have only shopped at op shops and think its the greatests thing! When I get home from a shop I am so giddy. The best part is that everyday I get to wear something different!
Bounty Huntress said…
Will you come be my personal shopper? Lovely finds!

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