The Party

Nothing like a good old fashioned party. I found the kids had such a good time there was no need for hired entertainment. We started with donut eating on a string, then a three legged race, treasure hunt, and an egg and spoon race with easter eggs. Everyone was a winner, they all got a lolly prize for each race. Having it in a park with a wonderful playground was also a hit. I had made lots of fun food, with only one packet of crisps that nobody ate. I made sausage rolls, butterfly cakes, truffles, fruit kebabs, teacup & saucer biscuits, cheese & egg sandwiches and another birthday cake. I must admit, I was absolutely stuffed at the end of the day, but it was all worth it to see smiling faces and best of all for Sarah to say thanks mum.

I'm not stressed with 16 children at a party


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