A Little Bit Of Culture with Art & Tom Jones

At Cottesloe Beach on the weekend, there were these art installations on display. We enjoyed our Saturday afternoon wandering in the sand looking at the pieces, the girls ran from one to the next. It was a very hot day, so what better way to cool off than with a swim.

I particularly liked this one of the clothes line of pegs with leaves.

Freaky purple man

This one we found a little scary but amazing

Bottle top walkway

Sunday was another hot one, sweat would just drip down our backs. We spent the afternoon & evening at A Day On The Green. It was a long day out but we had fun, I took colouring books and we played card games in the band change overs. I think our girls were about the only kids there, they were so good and enjoyed dancing away with mummy & daddy. By the time Tom Jones came on they were exhausted and fell asleep on the blanket about the third song in, which is pretty amazing with the loud music. Mr Jones was fantastic, for a man who is almost 70 years old, his voice is still outstanding. He sang all the old favorites and he still gets the ladies waving and tossing knickers at him, the knickers are getting a bit bigger. Lots of fun, but we were all very tired.

David Campbell rocked the crowd. Ava & Sarah were a moovin and a groovin.

Oh yeah!


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