Market Madness

Sunday I had a market stall with my friend Kim, to get rid of some stuff. I awoke at 3am for goodness sake, one hour before the alarm. When she arrived to pick me up, we were like giggling girls sneeking out. It was a long wait in the car park before we were allowed to set up at 6am, the punters would be allowed in at 6.30am, so we didn't have time to dilly dally. We were just unloading the car and the regular sellers were rummaging through our stuff, looking for goodies.

I had trouble controlling my spending, how could I be at a market and not look at more stuff to buy. So yes I made money, I also spent it. I got a bag of fantastic English wool , which I will be knitting up into goodies in the future. I also found these great old bed covers, the cot one is so pretty and at the bargain price of $2, I thought I might make it into a floor cushion. It was a fun morning, of selling, bargaining and meeting people. We packed up at 11.30 exhausted. At home I enjoyed a wee nanna nap on the bed, on top of my new vintage goose down douvet.

I love my new vintage cushions above.


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