At My Window

I haven't felt like blogging much lately, in fact I haven't felt creative at all.

I guess it's been due to the stress we've been under lately.

The first was when my man lost his job, but thank goodness after almost three months unemployed it looks like he'll be starting in a new job in a weeks time. We've managed to get a few jobs done on the house but we've had to be so careful on what we were spending our money on.

The second was both my man's parents were rushed to different hospitals with life threatening problems (they live in Sydney). The one good thing actually was him not having a job which made it easier for him to go and care for them. They are both on the mend now and we are looking forward to spending time with them in September.

Then the third is my dear old mother who has been able to stay at home until recently when she had a fall and has since been looked after by family. It's now become apparent that she can no longer look after herself and will need to go into permanent care.

Life is certainly full of challenges and we feel that we've had more than our fair share recently.
We've cried, been angry and sad, but we've also laughed and hugged.

What I've taken from this is to embrace the day.


Zara said…
Gosh all these major things seem to happen at once.
Happy to hear that things are starting to settle down again, hopefully now your desire to get creative will return too. x
Meg said…
Hugs from me Alison xx
Tanya Murray said…
Seems we are always moving from one stage to another in life, a constant ebb and flow with children, partners, siblings and parents. Thinking of you as you start this next journey. x
Allison said…
gee you really have been dodging curve balls honey....good news about hubbys new job. hope all goes well with your mum. its a tough decision and process. thinking of you xx
Bungalowgirl said…
Gosh you have had a tough time of late. These things always come in bunches don't they? So pleased you husband found a new job, that must be a huge relief. Hopefully your creative spark will return as life calms down. mel x
Susan said…
Wishing you strength as your Mum moves into and adjusts to assisted living; I found it to be a rather surreal adjustment for all involved when my Mum had to make that necessary move. I hope your man's parents both make a complete recovery, and that all goes well in his new job.
What beautiful snapshots. I'm so sorry to hear you've been through such a crappy time. Watching your parents age isn't easy. I hope the hubby's new job goes well. Xx
Sophie Isobel said…
Thinking of you and sending lots of good vibes your way. Really love your motto. Embrace is my word for the year and it is such an important reminder. Beautiful photos, I just adore you scissor collection.
Sophie x
simmone said…
My Aunt is reaching the stage where she shouldn't be living alone,heart problems and losing her eyesight. She won't move to be near family and she doesn't drive and lives in a town of 300 people. I'm so glad your Mum has you near, hope everything all works out well and all your rellies recover. Good on Hubby with his new job. Lovely window spot!
Sorry to hear of your parents ill health and ageing issues. Thoughts are with you, I hope things start to settle down for you.
tess said…
Oh, that is too much all at once. Best wishes for happy resolutions.

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