As the school holidays were ending and before Andy starts his new job on Monday, we decided to splurge a bit and go away for a couple of days for a much needed break at Queenscliff.

Now this is supposed to be the middle of winter but the sun was shining every day and it was almost warm enough for a swim. Not really but certainly a splash.

The Point Lonsdale Lighthouse viewed from Ocean Grove.

The girls had so much fun making a nest from seaweed.

One day we saddled up some bikes and took to the rail trail.
We rode the section from Queenscliff to Drysdale which had a slight incline the whole way.

The girls were so good with hardly any complaints along the 14 klm each way trip.
We kept telling them there'll be treats when we get there and it's all down hill on the way home.
Bribery, it works every time.

Me with a lightsaber in basket.

It was an op shop buy of course while wandering around Drysdale 
and for $0.30 cents it was a bargain, it even lights up.

Sure kids you can play on the tracks, the train only runs on weekends.


I heard the whistle and thought nah that can't be a train.
How wrong I was.

Ahh! Just what I needed, a nice cuppa
while resting our tired legs and sore bottoms.

Our last day before the routine of school and work begins and we take a lovely walk along the river near our home in Melbourne to the Fairfield Boathouse for afternoon tea.

I'd like to thank all the lovely people who sent me caring and thoughtful comments.
It really meant a lot to me and made me smile.

Life is returning to some sort of normalcy.
Andy's parents are improving everyday and things are progressing with my mother. 

We now feel refreshed and renewed.
I've also started knitting again. Yay!


What a lovely post. Your photos are great, and your adventures are creating great memories for your girls. Glad to hear things are settling down for you and your parents.
What a gorgeous family you are!!

and sorry to hear about other family health problems...but good to know things are getting better...

bestest to you and yours funny that your holidays are ending and ours just beginning!!!

daisy j x
Jan said…
It looks like you all had a wonderful time creating memories together.

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