It Was Meant To Be

Have you ever had days that random things happen but then it all seems to have meaning in the end.

Well on the weekend I went into a craft shop in search of a certain size of knitting needles, which they didn't have but ended up walking out with something else.

In the remnant bin I spied a small piece of fabric that I thought might come in handy one day, then noticed that there was also a fabric sale on. Now I don't need any more fabric, I have boxes of the stuff in storage in the shed but I thought I'd have a look anyway. Yep you betcha! I bought a piece that I thought was sweet, only 2.5 meters and it was on sale, OK!

Anyways, I met up with the rest of my family looking at computers in another shop and we ended up buying one (see last post). The screen is so much bigger and a bit imposing on the desk, so I thought it needed a cover when not in use. I went straight for my new purchases and discovered that the remnant was the exact size that I needed and the other one just happened to be covered in something that fitted the computer perfectly.

Not the trees but the apples.

Spooky huh!

Gee its good to have everything working again.


Allana said…
Serendipity indeed... and a perfect solution x

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