An Outing

Back in the beginning of February when it must have been a cooler day, little Miss Ava wanted to take her vintage pram out for a stroll.

Both my girls have lovely old prams that I have bought from garage sales, this one I think is from around the 1920's. Please let me know if you have a more definite idea of it's age.

She collected her favourite friends and arranged them into the pram with a little blanket to keep them warm.

We wandered around the block and into a cafe for a bite to eat, then it was a short stroll back home. As you can see the poor tyres have seen better days but I don't want it to be just a show piece, I want it to be used and enjoyed.


Lyndel said…
what a lovely pram.
Gorgeous photos of a lovely girl.
Allison said…
so sweet! monkey looks comfy x
Liz said…
It is just so sweet! I remember taking my dollies and teddies out for strolls in my pram.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
Susan said…
Love the vintage pram. Ava is beautiful. The golliwog made my heart leap - I had one in the same colours when I was a child (a LONG time ago), in fact I think he is still lurking somewhere, badly chewed by a family dog.
Simmone C said…
Aww how lovely,I like Ava's choice of companions.Makes a nice change from pink Barbie-like dolls

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