Selling our excess, the girls made some pocket money. Miss Lucy stayed close by keeping watch.

 Yesterday we took off on a Sunday drive in the country and stopped at a sourdough bakery for morning tea. I was impressed with the wall and how it had been built from recycled bits and pieces.

 Love this huge outdoor oven where the bakery has bread making classes. I'd love to attend one day.

   Snug inside with a book. My favourite cafes are the ones that have a box of books and toys to keep the kids amuse.

On our day out we brought home - 

Two big bags of sheep poo for the garden
A triple grafted apple tree to plant - Fuji, Royal Gala & Five Crown
A large loaf of sourdough
A dozen huge free range eggs $4.80, so much cheaper
A 10kg potatoes for $5.00

That night dinner was a potatoe & artichoke (yes I still have some) soup with a ham hock and buttered sourdough. 


chrisartist said…
Those bread making seasons sound great.
Looks like a lovely day out.
Bungalowgirl said…
Your girls look so earnest with their little shop, beautiful. And that dog, guarding the girls is gorgeous too. melx
humble habit said…
ohhh yum, your weekend sounds so good, love the idea of the kids selling off excess produce. Where is that bakery?
creations.1 said…
Your post brings back memories from 25 years ago. My sons used to have their own stand at our front gate selling horse manure they gathered from the horse paddock. Weekend drives are wonderful for little discoveries - the hand made wall is just beautiful!
Allana said…
Sounds and looks like a perfect outing Alison! I love your produce stall too, great idea! We would have stopped in for sure :) x
Your girls are so cute...I love it when people offer their excess produce from their homes. Sounds like you had a relaxing day exploring the countryside.
simmone said…
Your girls are adorable,Pippi Longstocking comes to mind!

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