All Girls Adventure

Yesterday the girls had a school free day and it was just lovely not having to arise early, to get them to dress, to eat a quick breaky, make lunches and race off to school.

Instead our day started with a much needed sleep in. Breakfast was relaxed with scrambled eggs on muffins, then we dressed leisurely by the heater.

Our dog Lucy needed to be walked but instead of our usual stroll along the creek on the way to school, I thought it would be fun to go along a track by the Yarra River that we haven't been on for ages.

With me carrying a pack of supplies for hungry, thirsty girls we set off on our adventure.

We listened to birds.
We climbed under bridges and over fences.
We pretended we were about to enter Mirkwood Forest (The Hobbit).
We rolled and played in long grass and rolling down hills.
We popped boiled sweets in our mouths.
We laughed and squealed as Lucy raced into big puddles then chased us as we ran so as not to get wet when she shook herself.
We wandered home three hours later, tired but happy to have been enjoying the outdoors that is on our doorstep less than 4klms from the centre of Melbourne.

Today I've been enjoying my last day of quite for the next two weeks, as the school holidays are about to begin.


chrisartist said…
A lovely post. Such great fun outdoors.

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