Hard Rubbish

 Yeap! I'm still trawling the streets going through the hard rubbish and here are some more pieces that I've collected. Sometimes I wish I had a bigger vehicle as I had to say no today to two huge terracotta pot plants and a big metal candelabra, which would have looked amazing for our winter solstice party in a few weeks. Still I'm chuffed with what I did salvage.

 I so love this old wicker basket with it's pale green chippy paint. You know, apart from being a little damp as it's been raining most of the w'end, this old girl has no fault except looking gloriously shabby. She's stands at hip height and is a bit on the slender side, so I'm not sure at this stage what her future function will be but she is gorgeous.

 A metal outdoor chair and it's not alone, as I got three of them, so I'll be whipping up some cushions for these soon, put some stoppers on the legs and "wholla'.

 An old timber box that even has shelving, a little clean up and I'll be putting that to use.

 This lovely floor lamp only needs to be wired up, I already have a shade that's been waiting a base, I never expected to find one on the street. Apart from a few small scratches it's in a dandy condition.

 Well my heart skipped a beat when I found these pieces of Vintage Axminster carpet, isn't it pretty.

I purchased this metal ornament from a garage sale today, it's going to look lovely hung up on the outside wall.

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Bungalowgirl said…
What a gorgeous pile of goodies. Love that wicker basket- maybe a good sized dress up hamper if your girls are still into that.
And the carpet is lovely- where is it going? melx
CurlyPops said…
All completely beautiful! I can never go past an old wooden box though - to die for.
Kylie said…
Ooh, that carpet! Love.
kit and nancy. said…
love love love those outdoor chairs! oh the shape, amazing. the axminster carpet is a definate show stopper, great finds!
Great Finds, I love the metal chairs!
humble habit said…
You have done so well, I spied some on my drive back from the movies tonight, I thought it was over.
Cathy said…
Lovely carpet!!!! and the garden ornament is beautiful!
You have had fun! Can't believe someone putting out that light stand as trash...what a find. Enjoy finding homes for all the goodies.
Allana said…
I have said it before but Oh My! You find THE BEST things! Love everything as usual! :)
m.e (Cathie) said…
gorgeous finds! I haven't found anything much this time round through hard rubbish, just a couple of suitcases.
have fun with all your goodies.

p.s popped by your madeit shop, loving the cowl scarf!
simmone said…
I'd be chuffed too!You find some gorgeous things Alison, love the box/shelf.

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