Vintage Style

Out having a scrounge yesterday I came across this QS chenille spread that looks like vintage but isn't.

When my man saw it he said it brought back memories of when he was young staying at grannies.

Not to shabby for a $5.00 purchase.


what a beauty! I love chenille so much its so cosy, reminds me of my childhood too.
chrisartist said…
I totally agree with chenille bringing back memories. I have a lovely pink single bed from my Mothers house which I snuggle under whenever I'm in my studio.
Is yours a new bedspread?
Allana said…
What a great find, lovely colour too. Chenille bedspreads definitely bring back memories for me too.
Liz said…
I remember those too - my Mum had a bright orange one (well it was the 70s)!!!!!!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
Kylie said…
It's very nice Alison, vintage or not. And I love the cushion x
Bungalowgirl said…
Gorgeous colour and chenille to boot,THE best. I have a similar chenille on our bed- king sized fringed , oddish peach colour that has grown on me and it also cost $5, must be the sister chenille to your piece. melx
Tania said…
Holy moly, Love! Easily the find of the week!
Great find and it looks in really good condition too

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