The marathon is over.

Today I finally finished this wrap which I spent every spare moment knitting, some while the girls had swim or dance lessons but mostly while relaxing in the evenings. It became a part of me in the end, never far from my side, but now it's FINISHED, DONE, FINITO.

I just went back into my blog archives to see when I actually started this and to my shock, it was just over a year ago in January 2011. My excuse for taking sooo long is that I did put it down for a few months while we were in transition with the house.

Still I am relieved it's over and I'm looking forward to starting a new project (one that's a bit smaller) with some lovely wool that 's been waiting patiently in the basket.

So now it's time to say farewell to my companion, as I intend to put it into my on-line shop, where I hope it will find love and be cared for, for many years to come.


It looks great. Well done for accomplishing your project. I have one that I've been putting off for a while now.
Liz said…
What a lot of work! It looks lovely.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
It's gorgeous! What a huge project. I've just embarked on one. Not a wrap , but a blanket. The plan is to put it in a local shop close by. Just hoping the time and love that goes into it will be recognised .
karlyn Jackson said…
I'm loving everything grey at the moment, it looks so snug. Loving your new bloggy look too.
Well done Alison, it must feel so good to finish something like that, especially in Summer!
Bungalowgirl said…
well done but how can you not keep it after all that work? how is doris going lately? melx
I dont believe youre going to sell it? How brave you are.
It is absolutely lovely and that stitch pattern is now one of my favourites, thanks for the inspiration!
Anonymous said…
Hello Alison
I discovered your blog through Bungalowgirl.
I looove the wrap. It's a beautiful stitch. You inspire me to make something similar.
simmone said…
Beautiful,just in time for Autumn.

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