Recycled Craft

The other day we were watching the film "Fairy Tale: A True Story" about real fairies at the bottom of the garden and in this film there is the most beautiful fairy tree house made out of sticks and moss that the children had made.

So of course my girls wanted one just like it AAHHH!! It would be a great project but I can see it would take a lot of time, but for now I said lets start small first, so we made this tiny tee pee out of sticks, string and a fabric scrap.

I had an old pair of jeans that were going to end up in the trash, but you know me I hate seeing things go to waste, so I cut them up and made them into a bag that I can sling over my shoulder when riding my bike to classes.

Since taking my new yoga bag to class, I have been inundated with orders, the ladies loved it.


simmone said…
Very cool!(is that too daggy?)
I love that idea! A much nicer way to carry a yoga mat.
I love your yoga bag! That is awesome, and washable!
Allana said…
Thanks for the movie recommendation, love your little fairy house :)
Love your jean revamp too, great idea :)

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