Over the summer every Tuesday after school we head to Melbourne's bay beaches for the girls to do nipper training.

Now you know how hungry kids can get, so combine that with sea air, running on the beach and paddling in the waves and that makes for ravenous appetites.

The club always has a sausage sizzle after but that can become a bit monotonous and not all that nutritious. So I spend Tuesday's as baking days, trying to think of things that are easy to eat, healthy and yummy.

Veggie slice - filled with grated carrot, zucchini, onion, bacon, cheese, eggs and yesterday I added asparagus as well. Best of all the girls love it and it filled their hungry tummies.

Dessert - Almond meal and fig cake.

The figs were picked fresh from our tree that morning. The tree is huge and loaded with fruit. At night the bats and possums enjoy the fruit at the top, which I don't mind, as long as they leave us the fruit lower down, we can't reach them with the ladder anyway.


Allana said…
Looks and sounds scrumptious, and how great to have your own fig tree! Totally jealous :) xx
A fig tree...that's very vintage!! My nana used to have a fig tree and made fig jam which I really liked. Your meals looks delicious.
kit and nancy. said…
that cake looks amazing! just like something straight out of a donna hay cookbook. yum! x
These both look amazing and SO SO yummy!

Kel x

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