Soldiering On


This week has certainly been a test of my endurance.

1. Ava broke my vintage T G Green mixing bowl while licking out the remains of a cake mixture.
The poor little thing knew how much I treasured it and burst into tears. I tried to hide my
disappointment and told her, "I'd rather have her smiling face than a silly old bowl any day". Tough.

2. Andy was poaching eggs on Sunday for us all using my old poacher. He came to me not much later and told me there was a funny smell, I discovered that he forgot to add water to the bottom. I lifted the and there were the little plastic cups melted onto the steamer. He looked at me forlornly, while I rescued breakfast for us all. Not so tough.

3. Monday Sarah home sick with cold.

4. Tuesday call from school Ava hit in head with football in sick bay with ice on face.
Collected from school.

5. Wednesday Andy home from work sick with cold.

6. Ava home from school sick with cold.

I've got a few days left till the end of the week. What's next and who will look after me if I end up getting the lurgy?


Bungalowgirl said…
I think you would be completely justified in running away from them all and joining the circus. If not that, then definitely a good op shop would be sure to be therapeutic. Chin up, it's SPRING, the germs must get the message sooner or later. melx
DuckEggBlue said…
I feel your pain I had to forgo a vintage lamp whilst holding back my husband's framed print, watching my lamp smash to pieces was just awful. I should have let the bloody print go, I could have had it re framed. I cried, big sobbing tears.
Kick those germs, I am trying to.
Allana said…
Oh dear! I am crossing my fingers that the rest of the week - and next week - will be trouble free! :0 xx
Lots of events in your household this week! Hope the week improves and the cold doesn't spread to you!
MonetPaisley said…
Love the vintage hanky cushions.... Very apt... Hope you are all better soon <3
Sorry to hear about your cruddy week. You can take heart in the fact that you're a great mum though, I'd like to think I'd have been able to say something nice like you did, but I'd probably have shouted (and then felt worse later) :-(
Oh Alison you poor bugger....I have my FINGERS CROSSED the rest of the week is bug & DRAMA free....!!

Poor little Ava....I can just picture her face when she broke your bowl.... :o( !!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah xx

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