Where Back

We returned from Thailand early in the morning on Friday and where greeted by 10 degrees in Melbourne. Brrrr!

We had a fun relaxing trip, but now it's back to reality. For two weeks I didn't cook or clean which was bliss.

I'm still feeling very lazy, but yesterday I had to crank things up a notch as housework called and the garden needed a lot of attention.

The girls and I got stuck into what was a sorry looking veggie patch. By the end of the day we had pulled out all the weeks, turned the soil over, dug in compost and built a fence to stop Lucy from getting in and digging it over again. Phew!

That was a shock to the system, but we are happy with our efforts and are excited about growing our first veggies in a proper garden. In the past we have only grown a few herbs in pots as we have never had this kind of space before.

It was lovely to have a break, which was much needed, but now Spring is here and we have lots of projects ahead for Doris (our house) that will keep us busy over the coming months.


That beach looks amazing! Welcome home.

E :)
Welcome back, sounds like you had a lovely time having some R&R.
Little Nan said…
Oooohhh, we are holidaying in Koh Samui at the moment! We can not get enough of $6 hour long massages! We are due back in Melbourne on Friday, so hopefully a little sunny Spring weather will greet us! Hope you had a lovely trip x
Lillabilly said…
Glad you had such a relaxing time! And good luck with your vege patch - mine is also being planted up!

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