Our Beautiful Black Girls

It has been our dream for a long time to add a dog to our family. We waited till we were lucky enough to have a larger yard as we felt it was unfair on the animal to be cooped up in a small courtyard.

So to add just another element to the chaos that we are currently in, with trying to finish renovating while living in our home, I came across this little girl.

Meet Lucy. She a labrador X.

We adopted her from a foster family who rescued her from certain death from a pound in Mildura.
She is 12 months old and was found malnourished about 8kg's under weight, but at her vet visit today she is now only about 2kg's under weight. She also has a few other small ailments that we are attending to. We believe she had a rough start to life from a male, as she was very timid upon meeting Andy and unsure of other males she has met so far. He has been showering her with lots of love and understanding and within one week she has come around and now enjoys his company. We are so glad to be able to give this beautiful girl a home as she is the most lovable, sweet, loyal dog I have ever come across. She has hardly left my side and sleeps on the floor at the end of our bed.

We brought her home last Friday without telling the girls, as I didn't want them too get excited, just in case our meeting with her didn't work out. That afternoon I walked her to school and met the girls, they couldn't believe their eyes. Since then, they get lots of lovely doggy kisses, even Miss Pixie was well behaved. I wasn't sure what her reaction would be, but without any hissing she walked right up to Lucy and they touched noses. I had a tear in my eye as it was so special to watch Pixie welcoming her into our home. It was like she was telling her she is safe now, I also was recently adopted. They now play together although Lucy sometimes forgets how big she is and Pixie gives her a gentle box to remind her to play nice.

An afternoon nap


Bungalowgirl said…
What gorgeous little friends you have welcomed home. And they even match each other! Our cat Bella was an unwanted Burmese and I'm sure she is as nice natured as she is because she is just so grateful to us for taking her in. And you have two wonderful hot water bottles on these cold nights.melx
bec said…
Gosh, I got a tear in my eye reading that, how could anyone harm a dog, let alone a baby! You will now have a faithful companion for life! Hope to read about many more advientures with Lucy!
Adorable! They look so sweet together x
Lyndel said…
oh how lovely♥ I'm sure the girls will have a faithfull friend there for many years to come. Hope all's going well with the Reno. I'm at Nth Melbourne Market again on Sunday 26th. ~L.
Erica said…
How lovely! They look so sweet!

Silver MLM
Every home should have a pet, and I love yours.
Bounty Huntress said…
Awww! We are huge Lab fans! We currently have two, a 14 yr old chocolate male and a 5 yr old yellow female that we rescued 3 yrs ago, and is in our opnion, a PERFECT dog. I think the rescue dogs really appreciate their new owners. Many happy dog days ahead for you and your family!
chrisartist said…
What a lovely story.
Beautiful girls.
Anonymous said…
How Fantastic, Alison! Sounds like your home is becoming your dream home! Good for you! Soph
robyn lee said…
What a beautiful post...such good karma! They are just gorgeous!
kit and nancy. said…
puppy love is the best kind. she is truly beautiful. we got out staffy/lab x from the rspca 5 years ago and haven't looked back. endless love.

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