Andy Versus Old One Eye

Well folks, after five weeks of renovating and moving we are finally in to our new abode Doris, but we are not alone.

We discovered that we have some furry little friends (pests) living in our roof. We have heard them thumping and squabbling around but worst of all is the smell and it has been wafting into our kitchen where they have been residing above for a long time.

Andy has been on the war path like Bill Murray in Caddyshack with the gopher. He sits and listens till he hears them leave, he then goes outside in the cold night air to make sure they are out, then he's up on the ladder pacing over the roof tiles looking for entrance points. I can hear hammering and tiles moving and an almost maniacal laugh, " ha ha, that will fix them". This all takes place at about 10pm, the neighbours must think we are mad.

However it has not been an easy win as Andy has been outsmarted by a very determined possum, Old One Eye. After six nights of battle Old One Eye is the last standing possum. Each night we crawl into bed thinking that they can no longer get in, then between four and five we hear scratching and scampering over the roof and Old One Eye has broken in again as we can hear and smell him again the next day above our heads.

Tonight after we heard a thump on the roof announcing his departure we went outside and watched him leap from the roof onto the top branches of an old apple tree. So after he had scampered away for his evening romp, we armed ourselves with saws and gave the old tree a trim, hopefully that will prevent access upon his return.

Andy has a bit of a soft spot for the little creature and I think this w'end he will be constructing a possum box to sit up on our garage for Old One Eye to enjoy and make as much noise as he likes.


Allana said…
Eep, I bet you didn't ask him to move in with you cheeky fellow! I hope the tree lopping worked!
Congrats on moving in too! You'll have to email me your new postal address ;)
Bungalowgirl said…
Reading about Andy and his maniacal laugh so reminds me of Legoman. When we were renovating our last house we continued to live in the house with only two functional rooms- our bedroom and another room with all our posessions, TV and lounge all squeezed in. One night we had friends over and left snacks in there. A possum kept sneaking in and rustling his way into whatever packets were in there. Legoman shooed him out several times while I was asleep. I then awoke to Legoman bellowing at the top of hims lungs " Get out of my house and DON'T EVER COME BACK!!! I thought there was an intruder and woke in a complete sweat. Legomans reply- "He was mocking me" as he imitated the possum looking up at him while munching on the crackers. Complete and utter lunacy. Ever since he has a thing for possums- he LOVED visiting New Zealand where they make hats out of possum fur. melx
simmone said…
We have our fair share of possums around here too, they love mango trees. Mr CH tried to shoo one out of the roof above our bedroom one night when we first moved in. Honestly I thought he was going to fall through the ceiling when the possum charged at him. They sound just like humans walking around on your roof.
I'm sure it must be annoying in reality but possums sound so exotic to me! We don't get them here. I'm loving the stand off between Old one eye and Andy - brilliant!

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