Harvest Festival

On Sunday we enjoyed a harvest celebration at the girls school which is held every year, however this year we were also able to celebrate the opening of our new buildings. Over the past year the school community went through much upheaval with the construction of a new art, music and library rooms as well as the building of a new community room. Previously we would all gather outdoors for assembly and performances, and living in a Melbourne in winter can be rather tough.

Sarah had been practicing singing in the school choir for ages. We all enjoyed the three gardening songs that they performed.

Sarah in blue checked shirt

Then it was down to having fun with face painting, lantern making, jaffa smashing and veggie sculptures.

The day before I had helped chop pumpkins and onions to make pumpkin soup for over 200 people. I also managed to bake some cakes in my makeshift kitchen for the afternoon and at $1.50 a slice it was a bargain. I even bought back some slices for my sister and hubby for their afternoon tea.

By the end of the event all the soup, homemade lemonade, cakes and wine had sold.

It was a fun day and a great fundraiser.

Andy carried home for me a 6 kilo pumpkin for MORE pumpkin soup.


Lyndel said…
oh Alison, sounded like a lovely day. Hope you, the family AND DORIS are all happy♥
Love the veggie sculptures - great fun!
zigsma said…
Ha! I recognise some of those children! Harvest always sounds like an extravaganza!
Hey Alison....!!

SO GLAD to see your new place is ALMOST ready for visitors....**wink**.... :o) !!

It was a SHAME you were unable to join us at the SVJ-X but there's STILL October to go so I'll keep my fingers crossed we get to see you then....!!

LOVE the little smile on Sarah's face & the vegie sculptures are just TOO cute....!!

Hope you're having a FABULOUS week....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah xx
simmone said…
Love those veggie sculptures, we're doing the pumpkin and bacon soup thing-two nights in a row!

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