Vintage Finds

It has been a weekend of rummaging through garage sales and fun at a school fete. Here are some treasures that I found.

What's in this dirty old metal box.

A timber paint pallet.

Some very old oil paints.

A hidden compartment.

A beautiful mess.

On close inspection on the pallet I discovered the name Winsor & Newton Ltd London.
I then did some research and discovered this to be a respected name of art suppliers dating back to the 1840's. On their website you can access some of their old catalogues and I think I may have found when this paint set was made, which was in 1896. Wow!!

A lovely old set of plates to add to my growing collection. I have other pieces of the same brand but in yellow and other pieces with wavy edges that are pink and blue. I just love the soft muted colours and the feel of old china. We use these everyday and when the table is set with all the mixed colour's it looks so pretty.


Wow, the painters box is an interesting find and fascinating facts as to its history.
Lovely plates too...well done, what fun!
Sonia said…
What beautiful finds! You definitely have an eye for finding great treasures.
zigsma said…
Wow - that palette is amazing! And who made the plates? They're lovely.
BOB & MABEL said…
The paint box is just beautiful, a great find. Love the plates too.
robyn lee said…
What an incredible find...a real antique, something classy about 'made in london' - it has a special ring to it! I am with you on the dinner ware - love putting together different bits and pieces...that colour is gorgeous.
Robyn Lee x
Lillabilly said…
Wow - I LOVE the painter's box and that stunningly beautiful palette - the wood grain is gorgeous! Be careful with handling those paints though - many old paints had dangerous ingredients including lead, mercury and arsenic in them - Eeeeeeeeek!! But still, it's a pretty exciting find! I'd love to see your table all set up with the mixed china, I'm all for mixing colours and patterns in china too, it always looks delightful!
septembre said…
great the painting set in original condition...
Allana said…
What an amazing find that paint box is, and I love that plate set, old pieces have such a great feel to them I think!

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