Friday, November 19, 2010


I found these fabrics all bundled together this morning for $3.00, without taking too close a look I just bought them anyway, as I liked the colours. When I got them home and had a closer look, they had been sewn together on three sides to make small cushions.

I think I will unpick them and make them into a dress or skirt. Any other thoughts?

I was at my local cafe the other day, to have my usual pot of chai, but this time I said to the boys that make it, that there is just one thing wrong with this pot, it needed a tea cozy. I could see them relaxed and said "they just needed to find someone who can knit or crochet", to which I then raised my hand.

I thought about something bright and colourful, but decided to start with this earthy looking cozy to see if the boys approve.

So was I right to say something, their pots are metal, and you can get a scolding from it and they do look more homey, as well as keeping the contents warmer.


Tamarah said...

Alison it'll look GORGEOUS....I'd LOVE to buy one if you're making more....!!!

Tamarah :o)

Sue said...

Oh that one is a favourite of mine! I am sure they will love them too.

BOB & MABEL said...

Why not I say!

Lounging with a Latte said...

I can see some free pots of chai coming your way!!! Love the colour and pattern you've chosen. With that fabric perhaps you could cover an old footstool, they all look very vintagy.

Bounty Huntress said...

You're so sweet. :) Another reason why we love ya!

robyn lee said...

Alison this is gorgeous, I just love the pattern and that colour is so homely, classy, earthy...everything! Your knitting looks so perfect!
Robyn Lee x