We are happy to be home.
This trip has been filled with many highs and a few lows.

This is a recap of Malaysia

Leaving KL by bus for the Cameron Highlands

Tea plantations

Fun with strawberries

Georgetown Penang

Dreaming - boys will be boys

It pays to have a good med kit and injections up to date.
Ava fell down a sewer hole in the footpath.
She's all healed up now but at the time it was a concern.

Would you believe this was meant to be macaroni & cheese.


Allison said…
welcome home Al....what great pics..love that you and the girls match your luggage!...very important!....one thing to say to the embarrassing parents canoodling in the strawberry patch..."get a room!"....hehe fab shots....um hubby is a dreamer isn't he!!....poor ava looks so deflated with her sore leg....bloody hell!...mac n cheese on steroids!. Looks like you all had a great time. No doubt you need a holiday to get over your holiday!... Al x
Glad you have arrived back safely. Looks like you had a lot of different cultural experiences...pity about the fall in the sewer hole, I'm glad Ava is ok, I can imagine that would have been very concerning.
Pixie said…
What a fantastic post, how did i manage to miss this one, great photos and oodles of colour everywhere......lovley
Pixie x
Brad Jones said…
Hi Al, Andy passed on your blog. Great to see him a few weeks ago and see your beautiful girls all grown up on here! Hope all is good with you.


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