We came down the windy mountain road to the sea. Thank goodness for travel sickness tablets.

We can really feel the humidity here, whereas up in the mountains it was a lot cooler and at times cold enough for warmer clothes.

We are staying at "1926 Heritage Hotel" it was a base for British officers. It is old but clean and has a lot of charm, it's also cheap at $50.00 a night for the four of us, plus it has a pool.

I've been enjoying imagining what it would have been like back then. Dashing men with slicked back hair, pencil moustaches dressed in their best uniforms for dinner.

We wandered around some of the streets nearby when we came across these colourful buildings.

Tomorrow we'll take a bit of a tour around by local bus to see more wonderful things. Right now it's late, the family are asleep and I'm listening to the rain pouring outside with thunder crashing above.

Please forgive the poor quality photo's as they are taken with the IPad camera for blogging purposes.




Allison said…
oh im loving this feeling inspired!...and im sipping tea and being thankful!! x
Allison said…
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