Our Morning in Melbourne

The day begins like any other, but this is our last day before we leave for our holiday.

The girls waiting for their break at the back door.

Trying to wake up the other girls for their breaky.

Enjoying keeping a journal.

Through the park on our way to school.

The bridge we have to cross over.

View from the bridge.

Saying goodbye as the girls go to school and Lucy and I continue our walk. 

Looking south to the city

Looking east, so much parkland to walk in.

First ever blossoms on our tiny almond tree.

We planted it last winter and when it didn't blossom we thought it was dead,
but were thrilled when we discovered that it's definitely alive.

Just an ordinary morning but filled with so much beauty.


Zara said…
Such lovely scenery on your walk.
Ohh I do love all the blossom that is coming out now. x

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