Eleven Sleeps

Back in 2006 we went on our first overseas trip to Thailand with the girls. Ava was born in 2005 so she was about eighteen months old then and Sarah was about three and a half.

It was such a wonderful, exciting and relaxing time for us all, that since our first trip we have been back to Thailand a few more times and we are about to embark on another trip in eleven more sleeps.

As the girls are a lot older now, this time we are adding a bit more to the trip and we will be taking them on a backpack style travel through Malaysia for ten days,
 then finishing up in Thailand for ten days for some restful fun.

Elephant jungle treking in the rain was a bit of a challenge, try hanging
 on to an umbrella and a child while trying not to slip off.

Dreaming already of lounging around the pool with a cocktail in hand 
as I no longer have to keep an eagle eye on the girls.

Tuk tuk's are still a thrilling mode of transport, no seat belts, no windows, no doors.

Up on the hill is one of our favourite little places for some food and beer.

We no longer stay here as it's a bit out of the way but we still pop in for a visit and enjoy the pools.

Looking forward to some warmer weather also.


Allison said…
have a great time Al. we are doing Thailand next year so will def hit you up for some tips. relax and enjoy! Al x
Trudy said…
Lucky you!! Only 9 sleeps now : -) Enjoy the thrill of travel.
Allana said…
OOh, you mest be there now?! Please send some warm weather via postcard to us in Tassie! I bet you are all having an amazing time, can't wait to see pics when you return. :)
Ps. How sweet are your girls, then and now :)

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