Vintage Baskets

I have slowed down my treasure hunting of late, but sometimes I come across some finds that I just can't say no to.

I have a thing for old wicker baskets and I recently have added to my collection.

This lovely little beauty I found at a market along with the book. Just perfect for my bits and bobs.

At the same market just as I was leaving I saw this vintage babe hiding in a corner.

I had never seen such a large basket like this before. The lady who was selling it said it belonged to her mother, so I'm guessing it's from the 1950's or maybe even earlier.

It has three sections, the top two baskets are removable and these were full of vintage sewing items.

I now keep my embroidery and tapestry threads in it.

I seem to be collecting a lot of vintage sewing things of late. We are still sorting out my purchase of vintage tins full of old buttons I found at a garage sale last month but that's another story.


creations.1 said…
Your sewing basket is a treasure! My grandmother had a round one with the domed lid but only one level. She probably got hers in the 30's or 40's. They are lovely shapes and designs from way back then!
Zara said…
Such beautiful baskets. The muted colours and solid construction- I can see why you had to bring them home. x
Allison said…
they are lovely Al. Ive never seen one like that sewing basket before. I can never pass them up either. tins of buttons you idea of a fun afternoon sorting through those babies!! x
Susan said…
I can never walk past a vintage basket, Alison. The tall one is something I've never seen before, what a great find.

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