I live five kilometres from the heart of Melbourne and since I don't work there anymore
I find that I hardly ever visit, I actually forgot about all the hidden places amongst it's streets and lanes.

 I'm not one that enjoy's large shopping complexes where all the shops are the same enclosed under one roof including it's own food court, as I find them all rather depressing.

Today Andy and I walked the girls to school, then continued on to the station 
to take the train into the city.

It was a place of enchantment seeing it with fresh eyes.
The architecture of the old buildings squashed between the new.
Dazzling designer shop fronts as we walked up Collins St.
Tiny cafes down lane ways and quaint bookshops.

In need of some refreshment we found a sweet cafe / bar hidden 
away down a lane and up a flight of stairs.
Not sure on what we would find we were delighted when we opened the 
door into a Dickensian style abode. 

Look here to view more pics of Von Haus


Liz said…
It is so refreshing to find places that are original! They restore the soul.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
Allison said…
just the words "food court" make me shudder and my tummy flip....how lucky to be just a short train ride away from all the special bits Melb has to offer xx
Susan said…
I do love Melbourne, I can't pinpoint what it is exactly, but there always seems to be special gems hidden away, waiting to be discovered (clears throat) I've been making that statement for at least 50 years now!
Trudy said…
Love Melbourne! Love her arcades and eclectic mix of cafes and shops.
In our family we call food halls in shopping centres, the "troughs"!!!

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