Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Vintage Finds

I managed to snag these old books at our school fete, in fact I actually got two large bags full.

I had seen these old books earlier in the day behind the counter but they had rather high prices on them. As the fete was drawing to a close they were reducing everything drastically, so I asked if they were also reduced and they were. Yipee!!

The oldest is dated 1885. I didn't really know what they were about till I got them home, I just liked how they looked, so I was delighted to find some great old classics amongst them like Tolstoy, Chaucer, Sir Walter Scott and Tennyson .

 Just look at the lovely marbled pages

A sweet Australian school poetry book and this lovely tea pot and cups were some of my finds.

It certainly is the season for fete's there are a few more in my area coming up in the next few weeks.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Garden Capers

 A quiet day at home yesterday and the sun was shining, just what we needed after a few hectic days.

I tidied up the garden, planted some seedlings, while Andy and the girls had their first attempt at cutting up a pumpkin for Halloween.

It's not something we've really got into before, but last year we did visit some friends houses for trick or treat and it was rather fun, so we thought this year we will get a little bit more into it.

Ripping out it's gooey guts.

 I erected my bean trellis.

 Carving completed

Later in the afternoon Andy made some pikelets which I enjoyed with a nice cuppa and a read. Just lovely.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fun Fete Day

 What a successful day we had.

The crowds were out having fun, enjoying the non stop entertainment. Knocking back a beverage or two, munching on a souvlaki with spit roasted lamb or chicken, wood fired pizza, or enjoying a large plate of dahl and vegie curry.

This fab gathering of ukulele players smashed out some hits, one favourite in particular was Talking Heads, Psycho Killer.  Who'd of thunk it!

Many crafternoons had been enjoyed throughout the year by some clever crafty mums making goodies for craft stall. I think I'll be roped in to joining them next year. I've also been asked to set up our first chai tent.

The sweet little matchbox mice tucked up in bed were a huge hit with the kids.

Miss Ava with friend visited the glorious garland making stall. These are always popular with kids and adults. I hardly saw Ava all day, she was having a wonderful day, enjoying all the activities.

I was told by her teacher late in the afternoon who was managing the fairy floss stall that she was being very resourceful.

Apparently after having spent all her money on (much needed) frivolous items and no longer being able to hit mummy and daddy for more funds, she stayed close to the fairy floss machine and was able to snatch bits of floss as it was floating away. I think her teacher sneaked some to her as well. Smart kid.

 A friend wearing a fairy tree house made at a crafty stall involving twigs, string and cardboard.

 This cool soulful chic rocked.

 I did manage to get some healthy food in to my girls while taking a break from the activities.

 Mega seedling sale and all sprouted by the school using heirloom seeds.

 Argghhh me hearties. Always a favourite.

 Our new pizza oven built by students and parents was getting a good work out.

 I have to say it was one of the best pizzas I had ever eaten. Thin crust, minimal topping, sublime.

 I was told this was the best ever box maze yet. Hidden inside this room, crawling through boxes, kids were lost for ages within its depths, finally arriving at the slide exit.

 The live auction saw some heavy bidding competition, I missed out on a package that I wanted which was High Tea at the Windsor and a horse and carriage ride. Oh well! Can't win them all.

 My neighbours son had a bit of fun at the girls glamour booth. All the girls love him.

Miss Sarah and friend about to perform their extremely lame magic tricks, which was hilarious.

It was a fantastic day, I ate, drank and danced.
Andy spent most of the day helping kids bash nails into timber to make toys. The wood work boys were very busy this year.
Even with my effort of 18 cakes added to the cake stall it still sold out just after midday.
I did have some wins at the silent auction and scored some goodies at the stalls.
After seven hours we left tired but happy.
Today will truly be a day of rest for all.

On Monday we will find out the total tally raised for our childrens benefit at school.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fete Cake Bake Madness

Each bowl holds enough mixture to fill six tins.

Tomorrow is the girls school fete.

It is always a highlight of the year, so much hard work has been done by parents throughout the year to make it better than the last.

All the activities are put together and run by the parents.
All the food is put together and run by the parents.
All the books, clothes, plants, craft, trash and treasure donated by the parents.
Silent and live auction run by our very own comedian Dave O'Neil
Best of all not a hired novelty ride in site.

For the kids there is a disco room, a movie room, box maze, pirate pit, jaffa smash, photo booth, glamour salon, tikes on trikes, knock em down game, face painting and tribal body art, fortune teller, story teller, hula hooping, origami, kids performance stage, adult stage with some brilliant Melbourne performers such as Kerri Simpson.

Once again  for the fete Andy has spent a few w'ends and evenings in a friends shed with some other dads, cutting up timber to make kits for children to hammer together some wonderful wooden toy. I've seen planes, boats and bird feeders going home with happy children last year and I think the dads have put together some timber chain saws and dolls furniture for this year. I'm also glad that this year after my suggestion, the kids will also have the opportunity to paint them.

Men and sheds, hmm! I just wonder how much work actually happened and how much time was enjoyed having a chat and beer. Well I'm not going to begrudge him if he did, I think it's great and important that our men folk have a good old blokey time.

As for my involvement, well this year I've gone mad and baked eighteen chocolate cakes.

 Sounds impressive but pretty easy really as my oven can take six tins at a time, so I only have to bake three times.

Six done, six about to go in and  a batch waiting, plus a big bowl of icing to hide the imperfections.

Some of my little beauties all wrapped up waiting for the big day tomorrow.

If your in Melbourne and have Saturday free, pop along to Spensley Street Primary and say hello. I know the weather's not promising but it's been like that for the last two years and we still go on with the show.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Medieval Cape

What girl doesn't dream that they are a princess wrapped up in a medieval cape.

It all started one night at dance class a few months ago when a friend of hers arrived in a lovely warm wool cape that her mother had bought at a Celtic festival.  Sarah fell in love with it and it gave me an idea that I might be able to make one similar.

Well, I was finally able to do that for Miss Sarah yesterday. The look on her face was worth the effort on my part, when she saw laid out on the chair in her room, the cape that I had made for her while she was at school.

Here's how it all came together.

While out and about at garage sales I came across a fur collar for $5.00 that once belonged to a coat. Now the hunt was on for a large enough blanket in the right colour which I eventually found for $6.00. A little bit of lace that I had lying around for the ties was added. Cut and stitched, job done in an afternoon.

I wasn't sure about keeping the satin edge, but she loves it.

 Transported in time to a place of romance, magic and mystery.

She's wearing it at school today.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Garage Sale Find

In the last few weeks I've discovered many goodies at some wonderful street garage sales but today I'm just going to show you the cheapest.

This cute little pin cushion came home with me for the grand amount of $0.20c.

All the effort that went into it's creation to be sold for such a price.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


A few days ago I bought these vintage glass dishes for an amazing $2.00 total at a local op shop. You just don't normally find these kinds of bargains anymore, I guess it must have been my lucky day.

After years have having my buttons stashed in tins, constantly rummaging around trying to find what I needed. This morning I decided to put those new dishes to good use and with help from the girls we dived and delved into tins and sorted them out by colour.

The other colours are for now in glass jars until I can come across some other pretty containers.

So much prettier and easier.
I don't know why it's taken me soooo long.

I have also been getting frustrated with my sheets and notes of knitting patterns, even locating them has been a chore. Some are in boxes, old suitcases or baskets, frankly a real mess. I had a lady just the other day ask me to knit a lot of washers for her for Christmas gifts using one of my patterns. Do you think I could find it!

So enough! It's time to get organised.

While out shopping a few months ago I purchased a packet of these folders on sale from a lovely stationary shop without any idea of how to use them. This morning the answer to my problem came to me.

So from now on all my patterns and notes will be filed away into these folders under the appropriate heading, hopefully from now on I will be able to find what I need in a flash.

Even my wool stash is finding some order, thanks to Ravelry. I still have the massive task ahead of organising my fabric stash but I'll save that for another rainy day. I can't be that super organised all at once now can I.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vintage Finds

It hasn't been easy here over the last few weeks.
My man was away over seas for two weeks, which left me without my backup in helping with the girls.

Then a few days after his return while the girls are on school holidays, he came down with chickenpox which for a man of 40 something was not pleasant.

So I've been trying to keep the girls busy, so that they would leave their poor suffering dad alone.

Today for the first time in 9 days he's actually ventured out into the world, he still has marks all over but they have healed enough for him to feel decent to walk around in society. At least he's not contagious anymore.

Because I haven't had a break in over a month, I've been feeling a little frayed around the edges and been a bit snappy. This has not been fair on them and doesn't make a happy house, so this morning I gave myself a little therapy with some much needed me time and went to some garage sales.

This is what I found.

A silver plated tea and coffee set with bakelite handles for $10.00.

I originally thought I'd put plants in them, but decided to give them some spit and polish.

After a quick polish they now have a bit of elegance.
 I think they look spiffy enough for tea parties.

Green goodies all for $10.00
Fowlers Vacola bottling container
Large checked blanket
Scratchy painted metal box

I was a little excited when I saw this chest of draws but felt they probably wanted a bit for it.
Here is the brief story on how it came to be mine.

I asked the price and was told to make an offer, to which I said "I don't know".
He then replied "What about $5 or $10".
I looked at him a bit bewildered and repeated $10, to which he said "it's yours".

Can you believe it? I couldn't get my purse out quick enough.

It was the man's dresser when he was a boy, then I think it was kept in his fathers shed with tools stored in it's drawers .

I decided not to sand it back or paint it but to just give it a clean as I kind of like it's shabbyness.
It now holds my collection of vintage tablecloths which were shoved up high in the back of a cupboard. 
A bit of a Cinderella story I think.