The Sweetest Things

I'm trying hard not to get stressed at this time of the year.
Everyone's busy, everyone's tired.
Breakfast outside in the cool of the morning flicking through a much loved magazine.
Avocado and cherry tomatoes on toasted sourdough baguette with pomegranate tea.

Cheerful flowers with the added advantage as a natural deterrent.
Feverfew - not only does this herbal shrub have medicinal properties that help to relieve migraines but it is also a moth repellent. Use dried leaves in a sachet.

I have seen plenty of the little blighters around this year. They lay their eggs in your most favourite of garments for their larvae to munch away till your lovely cashmere cardigan is riddled with holes.

 Don't you just love pressies in the post.

This sweetly wrapped parcel was gifted to me by the delightful Allison from Just Underneath she also has the love of vintage things and came across something on one of her op shop travels and thought they'd be useful for me.

I am thrilled with her gift and thoughtfulness. Aren't they just the cutest of vintage patterns. I'll try them out in the new year.

Thanks heaps Allison


Zara said…
I didn't realise those pretty little plants were so useful. I ought to get one when I'm next at the markets.
simmone said…
Breakfast sounds delish, recently lost my feverfew to the dry weather. Looks like a few more plants are heading that way too. Enjoy those patterns, very cute.
Allison said…
You are most welcome.....I think your blog header had something to do with me thinking of you! Aren't the models cute. That's a colourful brekky you've got there!.
Allison x
Trudy said…
Lovely breakfast, and nice to find a moment in all the rush.
Happy Christmas! Trudy x

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