Tea Poetry

A little poem I wrote one day in the distant past while awaiting my favourite beverage in a local cafe.

The teapot arrives all shiny and silver
A red cup and saucer awaits
As the milky liquid is poured into the cup
 Steam swirls and the spicy scent drifts into my nostrils
A drop of honey
 Now to stir and sip it's heady flavour
It's warming goodness fills my body and delights my soul

Can you guess what my favourite drink is?
What's yours?


Trudy said…
Umm, coffee?!!! ; -)
Zane Wooder said…
I love your poems. They are so beautiful. I like green tea the best.

jr4154 said…
wow I love your poem. I am trying to drink only tea and water this year, I am going to print this to inspire me, when all I can think about is champagne ;)! Do you have any favourite teas you could recommend ?
Alison said…
My apologies for the delay, I'm still trying to catch up on emails since my return from holidays.

Tea drinking is a relaxing, wonderful break and I just try small packets to start with to see what I prefer, but my favorite is chai and that is what the poem is about with it's spicy heady aroma. You can buy good quality real leaf and spice chai, each has a different flavour. I add a few teaspoons to a pot and pour hot water onto it then add soy milk and let it simmer for a few minutes, strain then enjoy. Use half water, half milk. I also make my own chai. I don't like powder or the syrup but there are some people that do.

Good luck
jr4154 said…
Thank you, will try your recipe x

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