Vintage Finds Mega Haul

 Isn't it just the cutest.

What does one do when kids have just started Saturday morning sport and there are garage sales to go to and you only have one car?

One sends the male member of the family to do sporting duty (it was his idea in the first place) and now the bargain hunter is car less, however that does deter my need to search for treasure, oh no! One hops on a bike with front basket and cloth sacks and peddles her heart out.

Thank goodness I did, otherwise I would have missed out on all these trinket treasures.

Now you may ask "how the hell did I get all this loot home"?

Never fear the intrepid traveller calls the male member of the family to collect paid for loot from garage sales after sport has ended.

Another happy ending.

 All these treasures were covered in grime (I haven't cleaned them all yet) and some have chips and cracks. 
There was so much to choose from but I only had limited funds and alas sacrifices had to be made.
They were part of a huge vintage collection spanning over many years.

You may ask "what are you going to do with them all"?.

Well, I'll be putting the best one's away for my girls for Christmas, the others will go on display in their room.
I'd like to think that they'll love them and treasure them as opposed to modern day trinkets.

 Sweet prints, perfect on a wall for budding ballerina's.

Cute little bag and romping kittens.

 Interesting shape for my display.

 I so love these bookends, I couldn't believe my luck.

How gorgeous is this set.

Tiny puppies, just perfect.

 The deer at the rear has a wobbly head, a little cracked but so cute for $2.00.

Absolutely perfect, in pristine condition, love, love, LOVE, them.

Gorgeous print in gorgeous frame for $10.


Just as I was about to leave they brought out this cabinet, a bargain at $15.00.
With a bit of eucalyptus oil to remove stickers and some elbow grease, it now graces my hall.


Liz said…
Wow - amazing finds! Love the ballet pictures and the little deer are so cute!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
chrisartist said…
You are amazing !
There's just no stopping you.
Gorgeous finds. I really like the spotty set.
I'm sure the girls will love the treasure.
Have a great week.
Bungalowgirl said…
Wow there is soooo much to love.for me it's the cookie barrel and the spotty jug collection. melx
annie said…
Good grief! What kind of cosmic opping karma have you got there? Ballet pictures and deer are too amazing!
Allison said…
mega haul need a bigger basket on that bicycle!!
simmone said…
Wow,love them all,saw a plastic bag like yours in a vintage shop today for around $26 and some of the ballerina prints (without prices) Boy are you lucky to have two girls to buy for.
Tanya said…
I want to go shopping at your shop!

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