Unfinished Business

I'm finding of late that I just can't get myself motivated to do any sewing which is really starting to bother me. I always seem to find something else to do besides sitting down and actually completing a sewing project.

This pile has been sitting there for weeks plus I have so many projects in my head that I want to start but keep putting off. Perhaps if I make a effort to do one sewing project a day for a week, then maybe I will find my mojo and get cracking on again.

Is it just me or have you also lost a bit of oomph?


Little Nan said…
Yes! I am so unmotivated these days! We finished painting over a month ago and there are still rooms I have not put back together. Its too cold, too grey, and I have a head cold. I'm sure once the sun shines for a little longer throughout the day, I'll get a little more motivated...hopefully! Maybe I need to read alot more blogs to get some inspiration!
creations.1 said…
house work, washing, folding, cooking, sewing, all other crafts, and the list goes on. unmotivated is me!. maybe it is because it is winter and we are inside all the time. Maybe I just don't have time management down pat, maybe it is because I have too many things going at once!!. Guess I will get myself sorted one day and evrything will sit there and wait for me!!
Bungalowgirl said…
Yep I am the same, too much snot and washing to deal with! My head is busy but the hands not so much. I did start ironing and sorting all my vintage sheets, perhaps it is more nesty weather than creating weather, maybe spring will give us back our bounce. melx
I think it happens to us all at one time or other. Don't worry your 'oomph' will come back as the creativity is in you it's just having a rest.

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