A Garden Wander

 The girls are back at school today and I now have time back to myself  to catch up on some much needed housework (yuk) and try to get back into some sort of routine again. It was lovely not having to rush to get them ready in the mornings and we enjoyed many relaxing days.

 For our last adventure we visited the botanical gardens and the girls loved wandering along the tracks and small pathways admiring all the beautiful plants.


This unusual tree reminded us of the whomping willow in Harry Potter

These cactus looked like comfy pouffes but with such large hard prickles, I wouldn't want to sit on one.

I love this path with the moss growing in the cracks, it's been made from broken concrete and asphalt.
We have an area at home that we want to pave soon and I'd like to use recycled items like this for something similar.


chrisartist said…
You are a great Mum.
Your girls will have such happy memories.
Well done.
Tanya said…
My girls are now 25 and 22 and we STILL love a visit together to the Botanic Gardens for a day of adventure. The Botanic Gardens are so overlooked and underestimated by families for free family fun. Emma loves to run around snapping shots with her i-phone and exploring. Here is to many more happy visits for you guys.

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