Junk Finds

This weekend I discovered a little hard rubbish was going on nearby, so Miss Sarah and I did a little scavenger trawl and made a few fab finds.

I was really keen to find wire fencing for my revamped veggie patch and happy to say I was successful. I'll be posting about that another time, but now it's just about junk or as we prefer to say "treasure".

This lovely stool was dragged out of a pile in two pieces and I'm happy to say it just needed to be put back together. I wouldn't say you could sit on it, but it would certainly look pretty with a plant on it.

A pile of metal, a bit of a scrounge and these babies were found.

Cast iron pot with rusted tin lid - perhaps a plant pot.
Not sure what to do with the fire tools yet, but I loved the intricate base and handle.

 I love these old pots

Heavy metal wheel, a nice piece but as yet not sure what for, maybe just in the garden, any suggestions.

I had a chat with the owner of this and he told me it's an esky with bottle opener on chain inside.
Unfortunately someone took the lid prior. Why not take it all?
I thought it was pretty cool (ugh! lame joke).
I do like it, it has many possibilities.

I purchased four of these Jacobean chairs from my neighbours garage sale a few weeks ago for $30 the lot and have been dithering about what to do with them. Do I recover or do I leave the shabby leather with the old stuffing showing. I think at this stage I'll leave them as is cause I actually don't mind them like that, they seem to go with our shabby house.

How happy was I to find this, I was very happy.
I was only just thinking how I would love to have something like this to keep near the back door and then hey presto I found one.

Perfect for the wellies.

So it was a pretty good haul over all. There were somethings I would have liked but physically just couldn't manage, oh well, hopefully they would have found a good home.


Allana said…
Oh my goodness, you have the best luck, and a great eye! I love everything! That stool is gorgeous, the gummy holder: perfect, might get hubby to make one, this chairs! I've seen some rustic patching which would keep the original leather but finish it off a bit, and I can see that wheel pushed into the ground and herbs or flowers planted in the spokes, with hmm... Something on the top spike! :) xxx
Allana said…
Ps. Oh and the want would still make a great outside BBQ, party, campfire esky filled with ice even without the lid :)
Kylie said…
An awesome haul, I'd say Alison.
willywagtail said…
The perfect little stool. I love the old pot too. I would recover the Jacobean chairs as the cracked leather will ruin your clothing especially if anyone wears fabric that could be snagged. We have council cleanup next week so I am wondering what will be found around here. Cherrie
chrisartist said…
I love the fire tools Alison.
I'd put anti rust on them then paint them at black.
humble habit said…
Excellent finds, the stool in particular. I just noticed the hard rubbish today, took me an hour to get home from our usual 15 min car trip from school. The kids were thinking " here she goes again"
creations.1 said…
Lol!!! reading through your post and looking at your photos I had to laugh at myself. We have a farm which has scrap piles everywhere - I often look at the piles and think I should call the recycler or scrap guys but the males always win out - it might come in handy one day. I have started using some of it myself around the yard (as in my last post on my blog). Enjoy your blog!!
tess said…
I like your rescued finds, curious what does "hard rubbish" mean?

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