On this bleak Anzac Day I awoke and got our fire going before the rest of the house awoke. This morning we thought about all those brave people who have fought for our country and also those brave people who braved these miserable conditions to attend the dawn memorial service.

For days like today here are some things we are doing.

After almost completing this knitted vest, I decided I didn't really like it, so *sigh* I pulled it all apart.

Now it is being reworked into small granny squares to make into a large floor cushion or if I have enough a blanky.

Daddy's cooking class, now what could they be baking today, Anzac biscuits of course.

I think I'll also be curling up later for a read of my new novel.

What will you be doing today.


chrisartist said…
Your fire looks so cosy Alison.
The sun is shining here for the first time in days so we will venture out for a walk.
I find Anzac day quite a sad day so need to shake myself up a bit.
Might do some baking later.
Hope the biscuits turned out great!
Your little girls are very cute.
Tanya said…
Aawww Cisco! Such a lovely ANZAC pictorial. Pretty much you can set your calendar by ANZAC Day as the time to start lighting the fires. We know here that the Indian Summer is usually at an end by ANZAC Day.
Liz said…
It is good to take time to remember on days like this. Your room looks so lovely.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
Your first photo of your lounge with the fire going looks so cosy and a lovely place to curl up with a book. I baked a few things this morning as we had some family members come up from Adelaide for a day trip.
Bungalowgirl said…
Love that shot of your girls baking in that wonderful colourful kitchen. Hate to say but I really liked that vest and cannot believe you pulled it all out! melx

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