A Big Day and Night

Today is Sarah's 9th birthday 

Friday was the big celebration with friends which involved a camping sleep over in the back yard.

I had spent the day before cooking up a storm to feed hungry mouths, but as usual I over catered and we were eating leftovers for the rest of the weekend.

I thought I would start with the healthier option first which was a platter of dips, veggie sticks, crackers, brie, & baby tomatoes. Followed by homemade sausage rolls, mini veggie quiches, marinated chicken pieces and party pies. Then later after dancing, games and playing it was the time for the sweet stuff, however they had eaten so much of the other, that there was really only room left in their tummies for the cake. He..he..he..

They then settled down on the floor and couch for a film, then it was brush teeth and out to the tent for bed, which involved a lot of bouncing around in sleeping backs and pillow fights. At 11.00pm Ava wanted to come in and sleep in her bed, she was exhausted, which turned out to be a good idea as the rest of the little monkeys continued to laugh and squeal till midnight, then I had to tell them to settle down and go to sleep.

At 7.00 am they were up and into it again until pick up at 10.00am, I think a good time was had by all, but perhaps a little tired.

Let me just say we spent the rest of the weekend taking it easy.



humble habit said…
What a blast, camping out is so much fun. You did well to have all those girls, and such a yummy menu.
Kylie said…
You're a brave woman Alison. I know too well how loudly girls can squeal(scream)!

Love your kitchen wall tiles btw.
chrisartist said…
Lucky little girls!!
They will remember that weekend always.
Good work.
simmone said…
Yum! what a wonderful Mum. I'd love to do the cup and saucer biccies but my boys probably wouldn't be too impressed.

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