Hard Rubbish Rejuvenated

I'd discovered these awesome little boxes were on the curb side thrown out for hard rubbish a few weeks ago. One, two and three tray boxes.

I saw the potential of them but they just needed a clean up. I guess they had been used in a man cave and some bright spark thought they'd put numbers on them in using a felt pen. Duh!

First they were scrubbed inside and out, then a little sanding to remove the offending pen marks.

I didn't want to give them a shiny lacquer, so I opted for a light rub over with olive oil (now who wouldn't like that). Oh! I am naughty, but nice. He..he..he..

Hey presto! I think they look very smart now and very useful in the lady domain.

Only one more left to clean up, the dirtiest of course.


Bungalowgirl said…
Oh fantastic find and your makeover is wonderful. What a great use stuffed with sewing bits and bobs. I think you are destined for more treasures as you are so appreciating the ones coming your way. melx
chrisartist said…
They are beautiful Allison.
I wonder what or where they have been?
Great for your stuff
CurlyPops said…
Wow gorgeous find!
You find the best things!
oh Alison they are divine! how pretty does the lace and crafty supplies look against the wood, great savex
Kylie said…
The olive oil brought them up a treat. What a fabulous and handy tip. Thanks Alison x
Liz said…
What a great find - and so useful!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
Hi Alison, is there no end to your awesome hard rubbish finds? They came up a treat didn't they? Fabulous tip about the olive oil.
yorkie mom said…
What a wonderful find! Lucky girl!
Allana said…
Love them Alison!!! You did a fantastic job giving them a new lease of life! Men... *eyes roll* ;)
Allana said…
ps. Love your new blog look for 2012 xx

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