Happy New Year

It's now 2012 and I hope everyone had a lovely New Year celebration.

For us it was a matter of how to stay cool in this heat wave that we are currently having. The last thing I wanted to do was drag the kids into the city amongst all the crowds to watch the fireworks as was suggested a few days ago.

Luckily we heard on the grapevine that a gathering of families that we knew were having a BBQ under the trees in a local park with views to catch the early fireworks at 9.30 for the kids.

There were about 35 kids, 10 dogs and 20 adults.
Plenty of water pistol and water bomb balloons fights..
Sparklers, party poppers and glow sticks.
The usually beverages and simple party food.
Lots of laughter.

After finally settling the exhausted kids and dog into bed at about 11.30, I also slid in between the sheets exhausted right on time to hear the boom boom of the midnight fireworks.

Thanks to everyone who has come along on the journey with me through 2011. I love reading about all your adventures, finds, crafts and fun stuff.


Vic said…
Melting here today... ick! Happy New Year, hope it's fabulous!
Evi said…
Just popped over from Suburban Jubilee..... and I'll be stopping by again to see more of your creative endeavours.
Wishing you a wonderful 2012!
Kylie said…
Love your vintage glasses. Happy new year Alison, good luck staying cool. It's been stinking hot in here in Perth too.
Allana said…
Your NYE sounds like it was perfect. We had a very quiet one and wandered into our front yard to see the 930 childrens fireworks then I too was laying in bed for the midnight ones.
Happy new year Alison, thankyou for sharing your life with us this past year and I look forward to reading more this year, plus sending you the parcel I should have arranged last Feb! Where did the year go! :) xxx

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