Kitchen - Warts And All

It's been a while since I posted about our reno on Doris, probably because we had come to a bit of a standstill.

I have however been in need of shelving in our temp kitchen and Andy FINALLY made me some from found bits and pieces that we had in the shed. Their not beautiful but then either is our shabby but functional kitchen and they do the job keeping needed items close by.

Three new shelves

The only original piece we kept in the kitchen even the whopping crack.

Bookcase shelving

My window ledge friends

I'm still moving things around trying to get them like Goldilocks said, "just right".


Tanya said…
I like warts and all
oh this is so lovely! look at all your vintage canisters... drool!!
Allana said…
I know it's temporary but it's actually quite beautiful and looks very full of love! Please post more house pics soon! :)
chrisartist said…
Those shelves look great. I think there is something beautiful about old plaster!
Happy cooking.
simmone said…
I love your kitchen warts and all, looks fun.Love all your goodies on display and little Astro.I have a white cupboard similar to yours that came with the house,it was the only good thing in our kitchen!

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