Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Worlds Oldest Hippie

I'm half way through this interesting book of Cecile Dorward's life. At the age of 58 in 1969, she began touring the world on her own in a campervan and kept traveling till she was 84. How cool is that?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Two Wheels

What a clever little monkey she is. In her first attempt, our almost 5 year old Ava, took off without training wheels. She wiggled & wobbled, then away she went, it was amazing.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Autumn Scarflette

This scarflette is finally finished and I have just added it to my shop with madeit.com.au and etsy.com.

Tanya & Aaron's Wedding

Yesterday, one of my friends was married in the gardens in our area. She had asked me to help set it up for her, simple but tasteful. Just about everyday here is sunny, this day however the clouds came in, the wind was up and the temperature dropped, but it didn't rain. It was a beautiful wedding and the bride looked gorgeous. I wish Tanya, Aaron and there family well, and hope their heads aren't to sore today.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Forever Yoga Shawl

I've started knitting this shawl that would be nice to wear to a yoga class. My problem is that I have been working on this in the evenings for at least the last two weeks and I'm not even half way there yet, it just goes on & on. It will be a lovely warm & soft item to wear when I finally finish it, hopefully before winter ends.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fab Market Finds

My eyes lit up, my heart pounded when I came across this gorgeous vintage biscuit barrel at my local market. There was not a mark on it, I think it looks great with my other items I have found there on previous adventures. I also found this great lamp from the same lady, which now sits on my writing desk for the bargain price of $5.00.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Party

Nothing like a good old fashioned party. I found the kids had such a good time there was no need for hired entertainment. We started with donut eating on a string, then a three legged race, treasure hunt, and an egg and spoon race with easter eggs. Everyone was a winner, they all got a lolly prize for each race. Having it in a park with a wonderful playground was also a hit. I had made lots of fun food, with only one packet of crisps that nobody ate. I made sausage rolls, butterfly cakes, truffles, fruit kebabs, teacup & saucer biscuits, cheese & egg sandwiches and another birthday cake. I must admit, I was absolutely stuffed at the end of the day, but it was all worth it to see smiling faces and best of all for Sarah to say thanks mum.

I'm not stressed with 16 children at a party

The Worst Storm in 50 years

Yesterday afternoon at about 4pm we were hit by a massive storm.
When I went to school to collect the girls, I could see dark clouds approaching. We have had no rain here since Oct 2009. There had been threatening weather, but nothing ever eventuated, so nobody seemed that concerned. Well that was about to change. From our balcony we had a good view of the storm approaching and it didn't bode well, I thought I'd better batten down the hatches. I ran around bringing in cushions, covering outdoor furniture, closing windows, finding matches and candles. Then it was here in it's full fury, lightening, claps of thunder, then loud bangs on the roof, which I soon realised were golf sized hail stones. The girls were crying and I cuddles them close till the worst was over. I then called Andy at work and told him we were ok, however some of the hail had broken the clear roofing in the rear outdoor area, and water was gushing down the hill through our yard. He then told me there was another storm front on the way, at that stage we couldn't see it. Then at about 4.45pm, we could see it coming and it looked nastier than the first. When it hit I grab the kids away from the windows as the wind was so strong I thought they might blow in, apparently it was 120 km an hour . Water was coming in under the closed windows with the force of the rain. The sky was alight with lightening strikes, the power flickered and then it finally it went. I called Andy again to find out how he was going to get home. He rode his bike in to work which is about 17 km trip one way. The trains were out, the roads were chaos, to ride the bike would be madness. We were all worried, as he still wasn't home after 2 hours from leaving work, I read to the girls, trying to keep them from worrying, then at 7.30 he finally arrived, on the bike, wet, muddy, tired. He said there were people stranded everywhere, at least he had an option, so he went slower, dodged fallen trees, plowed through huge puddles and eventually made it home to his much relieved family.

Dinner with head torches and candles, thank goodness I still had left over party food.

After the storm, the colour of the sky was amazing

Monday, March 22, 2010


We have been hearing about the seventh birthday since Christmas and finally it arrived. When asked what Sarah wanted for her birthday dinner, it was marinated honey & soy chicken drumsticks with mashed vegies, followed of course with birthday cake. She especially enjoyed getting a big parcel in the post from her Aunty, Uncle & Nanna. This was such a yummy cake filled with cream & strawberries, iced with freckles on top.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Icing Fun

One day before Sarah's 7th birthday and the first lot of baking has begun. We made heart shaped biscuits for her to take to school to share with her class mates. Icing was fun, licking was even more fun when finished.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Little Bit Of Culture with Art & Tom Jones

At Cottesloe Beach on the weekend, there were these art installations on display. We enjoyed our Saturday afternoon wandering in the sand looking at the pieces, the girls ran from one to the next. It was a very hot day, so what better way to cool off than with a swim.

I particularly liked this one of the clothes line of pegs with leaves.

Freaky purple man

This one we found a little scary but amazing

Bottle top walkway

Sunday was another hot one, sweat would just drip down our backs. We spent the afternoon & evening at A Day On The Green. It was a long day out but we had fun, I took colouring books and we played card games in the band change overs. I think our girls were about the only kids there, they were so good and enjoyed dancing away with mummy & daddy. By the time Tom Jones came on they were exhausted and fell asleep on the blanket about the third song in, which is pretty amazing with the loud music. Mr Jones was fantastic, for a man who is almost 70 years old, his voice is still outstanding. He sang all the old favorites and he still gets the ladies waving and tossing knickers at him, the knickers are getting a bit bigger. Lots of fun, but we were all very tired.

David Campbell rocked the crowd. Ava & Sarah were a moovin and a groovin.

Oh yeah!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Market Madness

Sunday I had a market stall with my friend Kim, to get rid of some stuff. I awoke at 3am for goodness sake, one hour before the alarm. When she arrived to pick me up, we were like giggling girls sneeking out. It was a long wait in the car park before we were allowed to set up at 6am, the punters would be allowed in at 6.30am, so we didn't have time to dilly dally. We were just unloading the car and the regular sellers were rummaging through our stuff, looking for goodies.

I had trouble controlling my spending, how could I be at a market and not look at more stuff to buy. So yes I made money, I also spent it. I got a bag of fantastic English wool , which I will be knitting up into goodies in the future. I also found these great old bed covers, the cot one is so pretty and at the bargain price of $2, I thought I might make it into a floor cushion. It was a fun morning, of selling, bargaining and meeting people. We packed up at 11.30 exhausted. At home I enjoyed a wee nanna nap on the bed, on top of my new vintage goose down douvet.

I love my new vintage cushions above.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Afternoon Tea

A much cooler day only 26 degrees. Home from school and hungry, just right for a backyard picnic to finish eating yesterday's yummy cake, washed down with milk with a hint of chocolate. I enjoyed a lovely cup of rose with french vanilla tea.