International compost week

I am currently trying to get my little patch of earth ready for a better crop for the up and coming spring. Six months ago we were living in a small terraced house in Melbourne where we would grow tomatoes and herbs out of pots. We had a Bokashi bucket for our recycling of kitchen waste, which was great for small composting, due to hubby's work we are now living in Perth and the little ones are loving the space and yes we now have a bigger patch and a bigger compost bin. When we first arrived I planted furiously only to find that the soil was so poor that my poor plants were very sad looking, the kids were still delighted though, to pick thumb sized tomatoes. So now hopefully after much composting we are about to add it to the soil along with some chook poo to get better results. As it is also quite dry here we will also be adding a lot of mulch, using cardboard and newspaper spread out over the earth then topped with peastraw.


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