A Break Away

The first part of the year was busy one for us and we were in need of a break.
We jumped at the chance of a couple of weeks away camping, 
where we were able to enjoy the last remnants of warm weather.

This beach near Lakes Entrance was a bit to dangerous for swimming or surfing, 
but we enjoyed collecting some lovely ocean smoothed pebbles.

An old timber rail bridge, still standing but not used anymore.

Look what we discovered at the end of a secluded 4wd only track.

The most beautiful sandy bank of the famous Snowy River.

Our next camp spot was along the southern shores of New South Wales.
We hiked along a track which lead us to this lovely small beach, where we frolicked in the waves.

One night a storm came over, some other campers got soaked but we survived unscathed.
The next day I enjoyed walking along the beach watching the huge waves roll in.

Sea foam

The lone esky.

This was a surf fisherman's seat.

 On my way back past him after I had walked to the end, he called me over to have a look inside.
He had just caught a rather large salmon that was so big he couldn't close the esky lid to sit on it anymore.

The start of our trek up Australia's highest mountain, Mt Kosciuszko 2228m.

This is the beginning the Snowy River.

Up on top

 Waiting for the billy to boil

Miss S enjoying a cup of soup at the top.

On our last day as we were heading home we saw our very first wild brumby.


Zara said…
How variable, yet still stunningly beautiful the landscapes are.
How lovely that you as a family were able to enjoy this break away.

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