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Howdy all,


Life here has been a little busy of late. The reason is I am now a part time art student. I am loving it, but I find that the days when I'm not at school have become busy with catching up on the delights of running a house for a busy and messy family. I truly do not know how people who work full time and have families can do it all.

I have had only four days of school so far, but I already have noticed the changes in how I view the world. Colour, light, texture have become more visible. I find I want to sketch more and scrawl down notes for future projects.

Life drawing using charcoal has been an exciting and exhausting experience. I am not yet prepared to show you my work, but my skills are slowly developing.

At digital art class, we have begun by exploring altering IPad photos using several different apps. Below are some images that I have played with at home using the same photo. I'd love to here your thoughts about them.


Image 1


Image 2


Image 3
Original image



Zara said…
Well done to you on being a student. It can be hard work but is so worth it.
It's amazing how you look at life through a new perspective when you're learning about a topic that interests you.
Trudy said…
Hi Alison, how wonderful to be an art student!!! Love your photos. The second one is my favourite as it inspires a story, the third one is simply pretty and the first one is a bit jarring for me. Amazing what you can do with a simple image. Are you on Instagram? Lots of inspiration there. Cheers, Trudy

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