I would like to think that we are now on the other side of the intense heat that we have had this summer.

Plants have shrivelled and died and what was once lush green grass, is now dried brown and dirt.

Beauty can still be found.

This is Bok Bok on the nest just about to lay. 

This is Rocky, strutting her stuff.

When the temperature soared over forty degrees for days on end, I constantly sprayed water under the tree where the chooks sought refuge. 

I set up a shallow bath for them to stand in and put frozen bottles of ice in their water to try and keep them cool. Otherwise they would not have survived.

They are happy once again and laying.


Pixie said…
....Goodness, you have had dry dry hot hot weather with no water....and over here in Blighty we are flooded on a mammoth scale...far far too much water, every lake, river and stream has burst its banks, the one thing your country could of done with so desperatly we have far too much off, and some of your dry heat we could be doing with right now.....oh the weather.....we just dont know whats coming next, do we?....Take care over there and glad your little chickies are ok..xx
Bron said…
You have a run of hot weather....poor chooks we take extra precautions with ours too when it is hot...hope the cool change isn't far away. Xx

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