Vintage Red Lantern

A garage sale find that needed a good clean was this rustic red lantern.

While getting in to the nooks and cranny's I noticed a stamp punched into it that said Appleton Patent.

I did a bit of researched and discovered that it was an Australian company that made the red railway lanterns from the 50's and 60's that they used to wave the trains to stop, but I still have no idea what the purpose of this lantern is as it has no place for glass to stop the wind from blowing out the candle.

 Any idea's?


Zara said…
Looks lovely in the fig tree.
It's come up so nicely after a clean.
Maybe you could have the candle in a tall glass jar inside the lantern.
Biddy Martha said…
Love the red lantern, love the fig tree too..
Melissa said…
Not sure of its use, but I love it! well actually I love pretty much anything red, what a great find.
Not sure what for but do love it.... a gorgeous find.

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